Establishment, administration of entities and trusts

Bonhôte Trust SA

Our team will assist you to structure your assets to serve a wide variety of your needs, such as optimization of transactions, assets protection, philanthropy and succession planning.

We manage and administer your companies, foundations and trusts, in Switzerland and abroad. We also implement different legal instruments such as wills, life insurance policies and other types of agreements.

We also take care of your private needs such as management of your housing or vehicles, salary administration of your employees as well as consolidation of your investments.

Bonhôte Trust SA is a founding member of the Swiss Association of Trust Companies ("SATC").

Your contact person

Michel Frutiger, Client Services Manager

Tel. +41 32 722 10 90 / email mfrutiger@bonhote.ch

Jacques Oguey, Client Services Manager

Tel. +41 32 722 10 91 / email joguey@bonhote.ch