Art Services

Whether you are a collector, an investor or have inherited artworks, our specific services in this field are made for you.

Indeed, we offer you a large range of legal and tax services related to the structuring of your collection as well as tax planning in the context of a sale, an inheritance or any other situation.

We also offer you a global management related to artworks, including the establishing and updating of inventories, management of insurances, administration as well as advice related to transactions, including inter alia lending to museums and organizing charitable projects.

In relation with requests for valuation of artworks as well as for strategies related to art collections, we work in team with independent art experts, especially curators and art historians.

We also assist you with all logistical aspects such as transportation, insurances, documentation and any potential tax requirements (value added tax, customs duties, etc.).

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Your contact persons

Suzanne Lauritzen Jourdan, Managing director

Tel. +41 32 722 10 97 / email slauritzen@bonhote.ch

Carole Sanz, Coordinator

Tel. +41 32 722 10 95 / email csanz@bonhote.ch